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The Sawdust Chronicles

Kelowna Bathrooms and Kitchens: Replace or Refinish Cabinets?
November 29, 2012
Kelowna kitchen and bathroom renovations are the most popular way that homeowners choose to make changes to the look of their home. The word “renovate” can be defined as to restore, repair, or remodel.  Read More
Kelowna Kitchen Cabinets: Fit is Everything
November 23, 2012
Kitchen cabinets define the look of your kitchen. Every selection made, from the cabinet layout, to the material choices, to the finish, will drive the entire design of your Kelowna kitchen.  Read More
Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinetry is Only Part of a Kelowna Heritage Renovation
November 16, 2012
Kelowna custom millwork in kitchen cabinetry and moulding can help renovate your Character or Heritage home into the next century.  Read More

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