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Kelowna Bathroom Vanities are Anything But Boring: Tips for Creating a Cool Vanity

February 27, 2013

You’re in, you’re out. You’re in, you’re out. Like a lot of families, yours probably spends a lot of time in the bathroom. Why not make your Kelowna bathroom an eclectic place and an expression of your style with a funky bathroom vanity?

In Kelowna, bathroom vanities are the heart of this most-visited room. It’s where you store all those important toiletries you don’t want anyone to see. It’s where you all wash your hands. And it’s where you usually see yourself for the first and last time every day.

How can you infuse style into your Kelowna bathroom vanities?

1. Pick a theme.
Your bathroom is a small space you visit only for short periods, so you can be brave and bold in your design here. Go retro or ranch house. Or gentleman’s lounge or mechanic’s garage. Kelowna bathroom vanities can be custom-made and decorated to create a bathroom all your own.

Texas-style eclectic powder room
This Texas-style bathroom offers visitors a taste of the rancher’s life with cow-inspired accessories and a masculine, wheat-shaded wooden vanity.
Source: Bess Jones Interiors, Featured on


2. Paint your vanity.
Give your bathroom life and a style all your own with a few coats of an unexpected colour of paint. Once you have your custom bathroom vanity in Kelowna made for you, peruse the paint aisle for a swab that says, This is who I really am.

Lea Bassani pink eclectic bathroom
This lipstick-pink vanity slaps you with its modern, feminine look.
Source: Lea Bassani Design, Featured on


3. Get dressed up.
Upcycled and shabby-chic vanities are in right now. Consider converting an antique or antique-looking dresser into your Kelowna bathroom vanity. Or, for a vanity with functional bathroom cabinets and a custom fit, find a Kelowna cabinetmaker who can build you a bathroom vanity that looks like a dresser but fits your bathroom like a glove.

Elegant eclectic bathroom vanity
Bathroom vanities can become a work of art with the help of a fine woodworking company that can offer that craftsman's touch.
Source: Lindsay von Hagel, Featured on


4. Use a unique sink.
The icing on the cake of your new vanity will be the sink. There are hundreds of options to choose from, including raised, porcelain, stainless and even artsy sinks to put the finishing touch on your bathroom renovation.

Funky bathroom sink by The Common Milkweed
Thinking outside the typical dropped porcelain sink gives custom bathroom vanities a truly unique touch.

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