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The Sawdust Chronicles

Kelowna Custom Bedroom Furniture Fit for a King
April 26, 2013
In Kelowna, custom furniture is becoming a popular way for homeowners to create bedrooms with an upscale, seamless feel. And it doesn’t end with the bed posts and nightstands. Bedrooms look even more luxurious with custom trim, crown moulding and built-in shelves.  Read More
Style Built-in: Custom Kelowna Wall Units
April 19, 2013
Your living room is where you sit with friends, open Christmas gifts, and curl up to watch movies. It’s where you... live. Since you spend so much time there, and with friends and family, your living room needs to be functional and an extension of you. How do you achieve that? With custom wall units crafted by a fine woodworking professional!  Read More

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