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Style Built-in: Custom Kelowna Wall Units

April 19, 2013

Your living room is where you sit with friends, open Christmas gifts, and curl up to watch movies. It’s where you... live. Since you spend so much time there, and with friends and family, your living room needs to be functional and an extension of you. How do you achieve that? With custom wall units crafted by a fine woodworking professional!

A custom entertainment unit in Kelowna should fit with the style of your living room, or, if you’re doing a renovation or a new build, your wall unit can inspire the style of the rest of your room.

Here are some inspiring designs to consider from a handful of the most popular styles.

Opt For Tradition

Built-in shelves are an investment that will pay off every day with the sense of architecture and permanence they offer. Your Kelowna millwork company can add all the functional details you like, from space for speakers to racks for wine.

This traditional wall unit will give this room elegance for generations to come.

Traditional built in entertainment unit
Source: Mahoney Architects, Featured on


Twist Modern Style

If your taste is sleek and sparing, you can give your room a unique shape and a clean style with a modern wall unit that hides everything. With a custom wall unit, you’re only limited by your imagination, so with your Kelowna cabinet maker, consider ways to explore shapes as well as style.

Twist on Modern style
Source: K2 Design, Featured on


Go Tall

If you have a room with high ceilings, you can accentuate the space with a wall unit that reaches right to the top. When your entertainment unit brushes the ceiling, it’s clear you’ve had a custom wall unit made to suit your unique tastes and the room. It also gives you added storage, especially if you can add height but not depth to the cupboards.

Tall custom wall units
Source: Organic Designer, Featured on


Mix Old World With New World

Built-in shelves are a sure and lasting way to give your room a unique design and a foundation to mix textures—woods, bricks and textiles. When you find a fine woodworking company in Kelowna to build your wall unit, their millwork details can infuse your space with artistry that speaks of other eras.

Old world and new world mixed look
Source: Skiby & Sons, Featured on

Built-in shelves and custom wall units allow your room and your style to stand out. If your kitchen is near your living room, consider extending that craftsman look with custom kitchen cabinets.

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