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Delivering Superior Service and Beautiful Custom Millwork in Kelowna and Beyond

June 24, 2013
Alberta custom woodwork for gun cabinet
Alberta custom gun cabinets for a professional trapper, in progress.

When Scott first studied the custom gun cabinet Will Brundula’s woodworking team built for the professional trapper, it was with awe.

There, surrounded by copper-tinted glass and red velvet, stood Scott’s 75 rifles and 60 handguns held at an angle by wire so that each inch of them could be seen from outside the cabinet.

“Will,” said Scott, the gun enthusiast building a new house in northern Alberta, “This is by far the best part of my house.”

The owner of Kelowna custom woodworking company, Heartland Millworks, was glad to hear it.

As always, Will's team had given 110 per cent of their time and talents to the project—three 14-feet tall walls covered in wood cabinets and topped with crown moulding. In addition to the custom upholstery and speciality coloured glass, the gun room featured LED lighting, drawers, adjustable vertical and horizontal display holders, and an oiled leather-topped island where Scott could work on his guns. 

Will and his team were in the client’s house, 200-odd kilometres north of Edmonton, for several weeks building the cabinets last winter, and they wanted to leave Scott happy.

“He’d just built a new house and had a lot of problems,” said Will. The factory-assembled cabinets were a disappointment. The tradesmen who came to the house from Edmonton often showed up without the tools or material to complete a project, causing long construction delays. Will’s team, on the other hand, had all the supplies and tools they could need. They were ready to get the job done then and there.  

“I think he was pretty impressed with not just the work but how we work,” said Will.

Heartland Millworks has always been committed to delivering superior customer service and beautiful craftsman quality woodwork in Kelowna and beyond.

Custom island in Alberta gun room
Custom made gun room island, in progress.

“We always want to over-deliver and then some in value,” said Will. “To have the client notice that and appreciate that, to have them ecstatic with the look of the finished product, that’s what we want.”

Part of achieving that kind of success comes from something Will calls ‘good client match-ups’—being sought out by individuals and entrepreneurs who appreciate and have the budget to afford custom millwork designs.

“We’ve had really good luck with client match-ups, and that means we leave them really high on the happiness scale because we listened to them and put a lot of energy into the design and construction of their pieces.”

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