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Kelowna Bathrooms Done Better: How to Get More Storage with Custom Cabinetry

May 15, 2013

Your bathroom might be the smallest room in the house, but it doesn’t have to feel like it. In Kelowna, custom bathroom cabinetry gives you the storage and design you need to make this small but important space functional.

Working with tight quarters? Not a problem. During your Kelowna bathroom renovation, we’ll create cabinetry that makes use of nooks and crannies you haven’t even considered. A spacious bathroom with heaps of storage is closer than you think.

Take a look at how other homeowners have used custom bathroom cabinets and millwork to turn problem bathrooms into palatial spaces.

Ask for cupboards and you shall receive. Your Kelowna woodworking professional can custom make your bathroom cabinets so you get exactly what you need. Choose the number and size of the drawers according to your needs, then select a finish to complement your bathroom’s decor. Don’t forget that in addition to bathroom cabinets, we build bathroom vanities and powder tables.

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Custom bathroom cabinetry and vanity
Source: The Inman Company, Featured on


Extend the millwork beyond bathroom vanities. Your bathroom renovation shouldn’t stop at the sink. With a custom vanity and woodwork in the built-in medicine cabinet, closets, trim, moulding, and even the tub, you’ll suddenly have more space than you thought and your bathroom will impress you every time you walk in with its seamless, unique design.

Contemporary custom bathroom
Source: Claudia Interior Design, Featured on


Turn your bathroom's awkward shape into an opportunity. If your bathroom has odd angles or narrow lines, custom millwork in the bathroom is the answer. With fit and finish bathroom cabinets, vanities, closets, mirror framing, you can make use of the space in ways you'd never be able to with one-size-fits-all pre-made products.

Kelowna custom bathroom cabinetry and vanity
Source: Heartland Millworks


Have fun with the design while you’re at it. Fine woodworking combines craftsmanship with artistry. If your home is designed with a Mediterranean theme, a Spanish feel or a touch of country, carry the decor into your bathroom by having a custom bathroom vanity built that meets your storage needs and your design tastes.

Custom mediterranean bathroom
Source: Tommy Chambers Interiors, Featured on

If you’re doing a Kelowna custom bathroom renovation, be sure to check out our post on amazing and unique bathroom vanities.

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