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Kelowna Custom Bedroom Furniture Fit for a King

April 26, 2013

Think fine woodworking in Kelowna is just for the kitchen? Think again. Your bedroom deserves a lavish look, too.

Custom furniture is becoming a popular way for homeowners to create bedrooms with an upscale, seamless feel. And it doesn’t end with the bed posts and nightstands. Bedrooms look even more luxurious with custom trim, crown moulding and built-in shelves.

So, how can you infuse style and elegance into your bedroom with custom bedroom furniture?

Hire a fine woodworking professional in Kelowna to make new and old pieces match.

If you’re moving into a new home with an ornate wood fireplace in the bedroom like the one pictured below, a carpenter can design and build and nightstand with the same intricate curves, details, and colours. This way, your bedroom furniture feels like one—one style, one era.

New and old bedroom woodworking
Source: Klima Design Group, Featured on


Hand over the reins and have your woodworker design an entire bedroom furniture set.

If you have a healthy budget and you’re moving into a new house or undergoing a renovation in Kelowna, woodworking professionals can start from scratch to create a whole new bedroom set just for you.  No one in the world will have furniture like yours.

By giving the woodworker a sense of your taste and decor preferences, he can combine your needs with his own artistic talents vision so your bedroom furniture is beautiful, unique, and you!


Accessorize your bedroom with custom trim, crown moulding, and built-in shelves.

Your bedroom is the place where you lay down your worries. A room that offers a sense of order, symmetry, and balance with seamless woodworking will help you rest well. We use our cabinetry and custom millwork expertise to give your bedroom the fit and finish it deserves with custom crown moulding, window trim, and even built-in shelves to complete the look.

Custom crown moulding in bedroom
Source: O'Hara Interiors, Featured on


Does your master bedroom have an ensuite? Carry the lavish, unique look of your custom bedroom furniture into the bathroom. See our post on stunning Kelowna bathroom vanities.

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