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Kelowna Custom Closets: An Impressive Place to Dress

May 24, 2013

These days, a master suite doesn’t seem complete without a walk-in closet. And in Kelowna, custom closets are about more than a place to hang your hat. They’re rooms.

With a fine woodworking expert on hand, your walk-in closet can be custom built to suit your wardrobe and your space so your closet is at its most functional and beautiful.

Here are some Kelowna walk-in closet trends we’re seeing.

The island. Your bedroom can become a place to simply relax and rest, and your walk-in closet the place where you get dressed when you add a closet island. These dressers, centred in the middle of custom closets, are a great space to store socks and scarves. And when you hire a woodworker or cabinetmaker in Kelowna to design and build your dresser island, the finish will fit perfectly in your space and match the shelving along your wall.

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Custom walk-in closet
Source: California Closets, Featured on


A touch of glass, a touch of home. Protect your clothes from dust and tiny hands with glass panes inserted inside your custom cabinets. The glass also adds a luxurious feel to your walk-in closet. To make your closet feel cosy, add photos of family and even flowers.

Mediterranean closet room


Have a seat. Finding just the right outfit every day can get tiring. Give yourself a spot to take a break between suits or dresses with a built-in bench. Where to slide it in? Some homeowners like to add seating between his and her side in narrow Kelowna walk-in closets, while others opt for a chair or a bench in the middle, next to a dresser island, in wider closets.

Kelowna custom closet cabinetry and shelving
Source: Mr. Mitchell, Featured on


Go boutique. With the fine craftsmanship behind your custom cabinets, your fit and finish walk-in closet will feel like you’ve stepped into a high-end boutique. Add the right lighting, a little paint, and your beautiful things, and you’ll never want to leave!

Custom walk-in closet with cherry wood
Source: Danenberg Design, Featured on

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