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Why it Pays to Hire a Kelowna Moulding and Millwork Company

March 07, 2013
Custom woodwork for Kelowna kitchens
The custom millwork used to create the wood panelling, shelving, cabinets and crown moulding give this room a sense of architecture, permanency and elegance.

Source: Smith & Vansant Architects, Featured on

There’s the right way to build and install the pieces of your home, and then there are all the other ways. Unlike assembly-line products sold and installed by the big guys, at Heartland Millworks, we take pride in a proper fit and finish so your Kelowna moulding and millwork reflect a custom look and a craftsman’s touch.

Whether you’re a builder, a retailer or a homeowner, it’s important to understand how fine woodworking can create exceptional baseboards, crown moulding, trim, wainscoting, wood paneling, staircases, shelving, built-in pieces, stand-alone furniture, cabinetry, desks, doors, bookcases and more.

If you’re debating between buying pieces from a big box store or custom moulding and millwork in Kelowna, here are some questions to ask yourself:

1. How do you really want your home to look?

If you’re content with choosing from just a few designs used in hundreds of other homes, then the mass-produced baseboards and cabinets of standard companies might suit you fine.

If you want to impress guests and smile every time you pass those cabinets or glimpse at the crown moulding of your home, custom millwork might be for you. As Kelowna cabinetmakers offering craftsman quality woodwork, we create from scratch the elements of your home with an artisan’s eye and care as well as your unique tastes in mind.  

2. Who do you want to install your moulding, cabinets or trim?

When you buy trim work in Kelowna from a larger company, chances are they’ll farm out the installation. That means any one of almost 30 tradesmen, ranging from good to not so good, could show up at your door.

Those installers get paid by the box or the piece. The result is often a fast, sloppy job that looks bad and doesn’t last. At a recent Okanagan kitchen renovation we worked on, we removed kitchen cabinets that were hanging on drywall (not a stud) with just two screws! Not even an anchor.

3. Are there hidden costs that might arise?

Extra, extra. At the big companies, any time you need anything more than a basic design and installation, it’s going to cost extra. Curved walls? That’s extra. Short a few inches on one side of the cabinet and need a filler? That’s extra. Plus, by hiring Jo Carpenter, you risk getting shoddy workmanship you’ll have to pay more to re-stain or plaster to fix it.

At Heartland Millworks, there are no hidden costs. We use one formula to figure out the cost of each project, and that includes whatever it takes to make you and us happy with the end result.

You can’t always put your finger on why a Kelowna kitchen or living room looks so much better with custom millwork, but it does. All those little details and craftsman’s touches add up. Instead of looking at the bottom line, look at a beautiful home you’re proud of.

Custom millwork isn’t just for houses. It makes a difference at the office too. Check out our post on custom office furniture in Kelowna.

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