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Warranties & Quality Control Concerns

Heartland Millworks has a complete lifetime, limited warranty on installation and manufacturing. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the items being constructed meet their requirements and that they are installed correctly the first time around. In the unlikely event that there is an installation problem, defect, or craftsmanship issue, Heartland Millworks will correct or repair it, free of charge.

Heartland Millworks stands by our time-tested good name.

What we Offer

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    Custom Woodworking & Design

    We specialize in fine custom cabinetry, closets, bathrooms, and bedrooms, from the design and inception to fruition. “You dream it, we’ll build it.”

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    Finishing & Refinishing

    Our in-house spray facility allows us to do our own finishing and refinishing of our woodwork.

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    Heartland Millworks will also work with near-custom jobs. In other words, we can install prefabricated cabinets that a client may have purchased before-hand, which they then need to have installed or further customized. As with all our work, Heartland Millworks will ensure a high standard of assembly and an extremely high attention to detail in the installation of these near-custom projects.


We are very pleased with the quality of workmanship and the outstanding customer service of Heartland Millworks (formerly Interior Shutterworks). We received excellent advice about the design of the shutters and the size of the louvers for both windows and patio doors. Attention to detail was evident from the time measurements were taken through to the installation. The shutters have improved insulation and enhanced the decor of our home.

Ann and Stan

RauDZ table is 21-feet in length in reclaimed Longview Pine. The table features no nails or screws but uses a mortise, dowel and tenon construction.  The table was partially assembled on site with co-owner Audrey Surrao hammering in the final dowel. This work of art table was created by local woodworker, Will Brundula of Heartland Millworks. 

RauDZ Regional Table

We would just like to say how pleased we are with the work done on the downstairs fireplace by Will and [his crew]. They have been able to capture the exact look that we were looking for. The new mantel has given the room a really different and positive feel.

Pat & Ken Andrews

Our Team

Will Brundula

Will Brundula

The Heartland Millworks Team

The Heartland Millworks Team
About Our Team

Currently, Heartland Millworks has four full-time employees. We have a "genius" finisher working in the in-house spray booth, and we are proud to be one of the few cabinet shops able to offer this service. We also have two fully-certified journeymen on the floor, with  over 20 years of experience each. Last but not least, there is William Brundula, Heartland Millworks' owner, with his 36 years experience in cabinetry and the millwork business.