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Living Rooms

Custom millwork for your living room will bring a new level of style to your home.
Here are some of the ways we use our Kelowna cabinetry and millwork expertise to enhance living room design for our Okanagan customers:

Fireplace Surrounds
When restoring or refinishing your fireplace, you may want to match new shelving and trim to what was there already or you may want to go for a whole new design. Either way, we can build mantles and surrounding shelving for your fireplace that will make it the show stopper of your living room.

The need to have quality cabinetry to hold entertainment pieces has changed dramatically over the years, especially with all the new technology available. We can build custom shelving that is functional and gives you plenty of space for your entertainment features.

Feature Cabinets
Are you a collector? Book lover? Want a place to display trophies or treasures? We build custom feature cabinetry that will perfectly match the items you want to display.

And of course we can do all of the moulding, baseboards, paneling, staircases, windows, doors, and more.