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Windows & Shutters

Window casings and trim don’t have to be boring. Custom milled casings for windows or trim to match the decor in your home are easily designed and installed by our team.

We work with standard-sized windows and oddly shaped windows to customize the casing and trim to meet your needs. You don’t need to go to a window covering specialist. Carpentry on windows and shutters is the same process as carpentry in other areas of your home. We are not bound by the standard, off-the-shelf restrictions that you’ll find in big box stores or catalogues.

Our Kelowna carpenters also can make and design indoor shutters that are functional for windows, saunas, or doors.

Because we specialize in bringing custom woodwork back into homes and businesses, we are not bound by standard size restrictions. Shutters can be any width and size you want, giving you limitless options for high-end, quality coverings.

Our finishing process allows us to make your windows and shutters in any finish you want to match the style of your Okanagan home. We can also take your existing shutters and refinish them if your renovation project requires.

If your project requires new window casings, trim, moulding or shutters, call us before making any major decisions.